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Using permissions is pretty simple by default 2 groups exist Default & Admins normal players get assigned to the Default group & Admins get assigned to the Default & Admins groups, However each group can have a custom set of permissions you have to manually grant permissions to each group one time per database, also if your adding alternative groups you must also add players to those groups, you can add multiple permissions to each group also permissions supports both console and rcon commands ie cheat command, the below demonstration are 3 steps absolutely required in order to setup a new group & permission you must both add a group & grant one or several permissions to it

Adding a group

cheat Permissions.AddGroup NewGroupName

Adding a permission to the group

cheat Permissions.Grant NewGroupName NewPermissionName

Adding a player to a group

Permissions.Add <SteamID> NewGroupName

Locating a players steamid

<SteamID> can be obtained at showmyadminmanager and simply click on a player then click a command click execute then click copy steam id and it will put it in the text box click in there press ctrl + a then press ctrl + c then close the admin manager and open the console type cheat Permissions.add then press c + v then type NewGroupName then it should look like this cheat Permissions.add 745654747764743 NewGroupName